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This product securely obliterates any recoverable data from deleted files on a drive, so the files are unrecoverable.

This product will not work on the following drives:

  • Any drive larger than 1 TB. You must partition it into drives smaller than 1 TB first.

  • The local system drive. Running this on the same drive that booted the computer will cause system instability. You must use drives connected to the booted system via SATA to USB, flash drives, or DVD/CD re-writable drives.

Refer to our help page on setting this up to wipe a drive here.

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Price: $12.95

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.Net Framework 4.5 (.Net Framework installs automatically with Windows Update)

Working OSs:

Win Vista, 7, 8, 10, & some Windows devices

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You may see a similar image if using Chrome:

We assure you the file is safe. Please download it and scan it with any scanner. If any scanner reports it as unsafe, please let us know.