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Power Encrypter Pro (PEP)

PEP (PowerEncrypter Pro) is one of our newest products. The purpose is to securely encrypt all the files in a folder and all subdirectories. You create a password to access the product, set your own encryption code, and can rest assured your information cannot be seen by others. This product encrypts all file types, but is limited to files that exceed 1GB.

The main interface is very user-friendly, but we offer full support for those having issues.

 This is the first screen you see.

Inside the "safe".

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Price: $49.95 Purchase through PayPal

Your license code will be emailed to you using the email address on your PayPal account once payment is verified.
Current Version 6
Working OSs: Win Vista, 7, 8, 10, & some Windows devices
Download Link  

You may see a similar image if using Chrome:

We assure you the file is safe. Please download it and scan it with any scanner. If any scanner reports it as unsafe, please let us know.