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Welcome to I design computer software for personal use, small business use, and even corporate use. Games are very hard to design in VB, but I have a few basic ones.


I repair computers, build websites, and design software.

No adware - No spyware - No nonsense

Please stand by as all products are updated. This should be completed by 7/31/2021. We are ending support for all prior versions of our software and using a different licensing system. The products listings are also being updated and some information may not be up to date at this time. Most products are not currently available for download. Please stand by.

US based with 1 programmer who will always give full technical support to latest products.

Latest News:

I am making progress once again. All the products are being updated as well as their pages to a new format.
Version 1 of Sites Manager has been published on 7/9/2021
A few people complained recently about the security on this site, as if they are logging into their bank account (lol)... I'm working on a new system that takes care of various unimportant and some important issues. Some of the software also isn't available. I'm behind schedule on a number of things.
We are in the process of re-writing our largest project, ClientPro Business Solutions. This is something that was put on the "back burner" for over a year now because it is such a daunting task, but it needs done. Before we re-start our marketing campaigns, this project really needs finished. It is expected to be published by Jan 10th. Check back then if that's an update you need.
Version 14 of Superball Keno has been published on 12/29/2020


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If you'd like a high quality site, contact us for your affordable quote.

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