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Welcome to I design computer software for personal use, small business use, and even corporate use. Games are very hard to design in VB, but I have a few basic ones.


I repair computers, build websites, and design software.

No adware - No spyware - No nonsense

US based with 1 programmer who will always give full technical support to latest products.

Latest News:

Version 2 of Larry Bingo has been published on 11/19/2021
Larry Bingo is not currently available for download. This project was a custom request and may not be a solution for all bingo halls. We will work on a commercial version soon.
Version 1 of Larry Bingo has been published on 10/9/2021
Version 24 of Ultra Timer has been published on 8/9/2021
Version 23 of Super 21 Master has been published on 8/9/2021


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If you'd like a high quality site, contact us for your affordable quote.

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