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We've combined the power of both WUD and AIA to create this unique business application now called ClientPro Business Solutions. This is our main screen. Every feature of the product can be accessed here. This product is designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses, and the same information can be accessed and used by up to 5 systems. There can be two types of users: Administrators, who have full unlimited access to anything, and Employees, who have limited employee only level access to features. Everything in this product is extremely user-friendly. We offer full e-mail support for anyone having issues.

The users screen allows any admin to add, edit, or remove users from the system. As you can see, you can assign an employee pay rate from in this screen as well as in the payroll screen.

Here is the inventory screen. We've simplified it as much as possible. Note that the 10 stands for 10 dollars. Do not use the $ (dollar sign) in any fields. The product will always assume an amount of 10.95 is $10.95.

Here is another inventory screen where you can see right away how much you will earn by simply adding your business cost per item sold.

No business management program is complete without accounts payable. The primary purpose of this screen is to manage the amount clients owe. Changing any client status to flagged will disable further sales to them.

The payroll screen allows the admin to view wages, assign worked hours to the system, and assign pay. You can easily view what an employee earned for year or month, and these amounts are automatically listed as an expense for business revenue (next screen).

Business revenue management is an easy way for any business owner to do bookkeeping and file taxes properly.

When you create an order for any client, this is the screen you will see. The invoice screen, also called the order screen, is where you input all the items to be purchased. This part of the system is touchscreen compatible. Clicking on the empty description will bring up a search dialog to go through your inventory. The invoice number is automatically entered and will begin with 10000. There are two optional fields that you can name by double-clicking on them. We may add more order fields in the future, dependent upon request. If the client has a saved e-mail address in the system, and e-mailing is setup, you will have the option to e-mail the invoice. There are other things here to this screen that you will just have to see for yourself. They are too many to mention.

When a client makes a payment or is issued a refund, you have the option to print or e-mail them a receipt.

And of course, you can also print envelopes. This currently only works with standard full sized envelopes, and prints them in landscape mode. Be sure to run a sheet of regular paper through first to see how it looks to be sure you do not waste an envelope. After entering information in the boxes and printing, those boxes go away. Clicking on them brings up a search dialog for stored clients, that way filling out your envelope is a breeze.

Latest update fixes the logo issue. Not tested, but you will need to select a logo for use by each system and it then stores it as your logo. The image you select must be .png format and we suggest it have a white background.

Paid version REQUIRED prior to setup
We strongly advise having tech support assist in initial setup.

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Price: $149.95

Purchase through PayPal

Your license code will be emailed to you using the email address on your PayPal account once payment is verified.
Current Version 21

Working OSs:

Win Vista, 7, 8+10 (not tested on misc devices)

Download Link


You may see a similar image if using Chrome:




Move the zip folder to your desktop, extract the .exe, then run it. You may be able to simply click open and execute the .exe.

We assure you the file is safe. Please download it and scan it with any scanner. If any scanner reports it as unsafe, please let us know.