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Introducing FruitMaster Pro. This is one of of our older projects, but never got around to finishing it. It's a little tricky getting graphics to look right under Visual Basic, so this one was a little challenge.

This is a typical slots game style many of you may be familiar with. Unlike casino slots, this version is 100% random. You could get nothing or a very big win. The odds of randomly getting a really big win is of course low. Enjoy this game. :)

Standalone .exe inside .zip folder

This product takes a few seconds to initialize when starting. 

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Price: FREE

Now free. Please keep us in mind for your company software needs.
Current Version Not available right now.

Working OSs:

Win Vista, 7, 8+10

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We assure you the file is safe. Please download it and scan it with any scanner. If any scanner reports it as unsafe, please let us know.