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Introducing IPSEC, a slightly trimmed down version of SMON. With IPSEC, you can remotely view the IP being used by the computer this product is installed on. This is mainly an anti-theft product which MAY be helpful in the event your computer is stolen or used at any other location than where it is setup to run.

It keeps track of your IP and if it happens to change, it can do several things including:

  • Sending your cell phone an alert message along with the IP used.

  • Sending your gmail account an alert message with the IP used.

  • Sending both your cellular device and gmail a notification mentioned above.

  • Display a 'topmost' alert which cannot be closed, except by shutting off the computer. (Or by pressing a specific key sequence) It even remains over task manager and does not appear in the applications list.

  • Send detailed information to a server which I can manage to manually activate an alert or 5 dings upon the registered users request in order to locate the turned on and activated IPSEC system. The detailed information sent to my database only includes IP and date/time of use.

Recently added features:

  • Send unique identifier along with alert, which is useful for business registration use.

  • More onscreen help added.

  • Includes the option to delete all files saved by the application.

  • Removed the stop button, since it served no purpose if it was visible.

  • Configured product to start at computer boot (all users) option.

  • Corrected minor bug entering stored password. Product does not stop if invalid.

  • Converted over to a tabbed window interface for better organizing.

  • New in version 4: WebCam feature now takes pictures of user and sends those to you.

Full technical support for this product is offered for registered users of this product.

The product will run in a hidden mode so that any average user would have no idea it is running. This product is considered safe by all anti-virus software. In the event you have a products claiming this software is not safe, please inform us so we can sort that out right away.

Please show us your support by registering it for full use on 1 system. We will provide free technical support for this product.

We offer bulk rates for those who own many computers, such as companies who rent them out, colleges, libraries, etc. You can use either product for the same business registration account. Please contact us to negotiate a price per copy.

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Price: $29.95

Purchase your license through the app.

If your software does not license itself automatically after payment, please contact us so we can immediately resolve the issue. Keep the app open and running and your computer online for your product to self-register.
Current Version Not available right now.

Working OSs:

Win Vista, 7, 8, 10, & some Windows devices

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You may see a similar image if using Chrome:

We assure you the file is safe. Please download it and scan it with any scanner. If any scanner reports it as unsafe, please let us know.